Soft Skills / Communication Skills Training

HSL's English Language Development Training program has been designed to cater to the requirements of employees who would like to excel in their professional career. The curriculum has two levels. As part of the program, a participant undergoes intensive speaking and writing training.

The program ensures that the participant demonstrates great amount of confidence in communicating in English language. During the program, participants would be exposed to both generic and real time work situations besides acquiring the ability to draft emails.

Course Duration: 30 Hours

Level one - Scope:

  • Essential structures for speaking – Concept explanation.
  • Exercises for getting hold on the usage of all fundamental structures
  • Questions – How to raise questions based on situations along with exercises for getting hold on the usage
  • Reporting – Concept explanation about reporting and exercises on reporting starting from sentences to small dialogues
  • Impact on the participants : At the end of training in Basic, participants would attain flexibility in using structures in
  • accordance with the situations and can communicate simple info correctly and coherently.

Level Two - Application Scope

  • Expressing Opinions
  • Expressing Problems & Suggestions and tagging them to work scenario
  • Topic Explanation
  • Reason based Situations
  • Real time/work environment related situations
  • Composing emails
  • Rigorous practice on Structure centric situations
  • Assessment
  • Certificate of Course Completion

HSL's Language Development Training Modes

  • Classroom Training
  • Group Online Training with the trainer
  • One on One Training (Trainer : Participant)
  • For more details, contact or write to :